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Have you ever had to do anything so frustrating than park in the city centre? I can’t think of many things I have to say. I’m going to have the ‘pleasure’ of doing so today. Ironically, two car parks have closed down and they’ve put roadworks right in the middle of the road. How anyone gets anywhere at a reasonable time is anyone’s guess.

Just try getting from Newcastle to Gateshead (or vice versa) in rush hour and you’ll see what I mean. Complete. Bloody. Nightmare. On the other hand, at least it makes you wake up in the mornings. I did find a new car park when I was in town last week, it’s a great location, if a ten minute walk from the city centre. However the price is okay, and it’s not normally full.

Sometimes it’s worth going a little out of the way to save the frustration of being stuck in endless lines of traffic full of drivers trying to do the same thing. Rarely do we advocate public transport on Car Articles but a good infrastructure is imperative to get into and out of the city centre.


Autocar Drives BMW i8

July 21, 2014

In case you missed it, the BMW i8 hybrid supercar is out in the wild (I’d be surprised if you’re reading this and haven’t taken note of the excellent advertisements for this groundbreaking car). The i8 is powered by two drivetrains – a 1.5 litre three cylinder petrol engine serving the rears and a 129 [...]

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2014 Silverstone Classic Is Set To Be Huge

July 20, 2014

Already firmly established as the World’s Biggest Classic Motor Racing Festival, next weekend’s 24th edition (2014) of the Silverstone Classic (25-27 July) is all set to be the largest and most spectacular celebration yet. Last summer’s exceptional extravaganza was itself a record breaker. The 23 races featured a globally unprecedented 1113 entries spanning the full [...]

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Vauxhall’s Astra GTC Gains New Engine

July 19, 2014
Vauxhall Astra GTC

The latest car to benefit from Vauxhall’s 1.6 CDTi ‘Whisper Diesel’ powerplant is the Astra GTC. Looking like a VXR but not having the higher emissions or fuel consumption, the GTC offers the best of both worlds. The new engine offers 320Nm torque (up 20Nm) and 136PS (an increase of 6PS), whilst the six speed [...]

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New Mazda2 Looks Set To Be A Nice Proposition

July 17, 2014
New Mazda2 2014

This is the all new Mazda2 – and what a looker it is! The latest supermini from the unconventional Japanese car maker is the fourth member of Madza’s current lineup. As with the other models it features the latest SKYACTIV high efficiency engines as well as the current KUDO design language. This latest car goes [...]

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2014 Skoda Octavia Scout

July 16, 2014
New ŠKODA Octavia Scout

Here’s the latest offering from Skoda – the new 2014 Octavia Scout. Designed to be rugged, reliable and capable of taking you on any adventure you could wish for, the latest car is equipped with a fifth-generation Haldex-5 clutch designed to offer advanced four wheel drive. Emissions are reduced by 20% over the outgoing car [...]

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Check Your Tyre Pressures Before Setting Off…

July 15, 2014

Thousands of British holidaymakers could be risking hours of motorway misery this summer by failing to check their tyre pressures before setting off. However, by simply checking their tyre pressures prior to travelling, drivers can significantly reduce their risk of suffering a tyre related breakdown. The latest advice has been issued by TyreSafe, who estimate [...]

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Do You Drive For Work? Were You Given A Course?

July 14, 2014

Seventy two per cent of people who drive for work in the UK have never been offered driver training, according to a survey by IAM Drive & Survive on Springboard UK, despite 44 per cent of those drivers saying they would welcome the opportunity. Only three per cent of the respondents said that they had [...]

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Autocar Tests McLaren P1 On The Road

July 13, 2014

Few cars exist in the same metaphorical hypercar space as the McLaren P1. There are only a handful of cars on the planet (probably the same amount of fingers you have on one hand) that have the same power, same speed, same braking ability, same steering response, same feel etc. It simply is on another [...]

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CarFest – The Final Countdown For 2014

July 12, 2014
CarFest 2014 with Chris Evans

As the sun sets on Goodwood Festival of Speed, British Grand Prix and Glastonbury 2014, the spotlight switches to August’s two award-winning CarFest extravaganzas. Just over three years ago BBC Radio 2 broadcaster Chris Evans had a dream. It was to create a fundraising event that celebrated his passion for fast cars, rocking music artists [...]

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