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Honda CR-V vs BMW X3

by Fraser · 0 comments

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When asked if you would like a Honda or a BMW you’d be forgiven for automatically going for the BMW. When it comes to choosing between a Honda CR-V and BMW X3, I believe the choice isn’t quite as simple.



Honda CR-V

Honda CR-V

If you’re looking for a mid-size SUV you would struggle to find two better models. Truth be told if you combined the two cars you would probably come out with the perfect mid-size SUV. Sadly that’s not the case but separately they’re not bad either.

What should you consider?

To begin with, the Honda CR-V is smaller and lighter but has more passenger and cargo room. It’s also more fuel efficient and most importantly has a starting price that is £10,000 less than the X3. Granted though the BMW X3 has almost 100 more bhp and has better handling and drive performance. Definitely the sportier of the two the X3 will definitely make the school run a little more adrenaline packed. However, claims of being an off-road vehicle might be a bit presumptuous. It does have 4-wheel drive but the ground clearance isn’t nearly enough for any serious off-road excursion. The Honda is also available with AWD but again should not be considered a replacement for your Land Rover.

So which would I go for?

The BMW X3 might cost more and not provide the same interior room that its size should afford but its handling and drive performance would be better than the monotony of driving the Honda every day. But if you’re looking for a safe & affordable ride that will carry 2.4 children with a bit of room to spare the Honda CR-V is ideal.

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